Big Mouth Monster
I am a ceramic maker from China, with well developed skills and interested idea. Combined different materials with ceramic, such as metal, resin and wood. She likes using throwing machine to form the irregular shapes, also try different techniques. Through the development of press molding technique, my pieces are an exploration into shape and colour within ceramics. My works reflect the current Chinese market trends, bright strange shape makes her works more interesting and lovely. In 2016, I become a volunteer in Huangyao, which is a ceramic company in China. It held an activity to let more foreign children know about Chinese traditional culture, such as ceramics and tea arts. As a volunteer, I taugut these children how to make tea with the Chinese traditional way. In the future, I would like to create more artworks and take them to participate in the competition, which will make my works more famous in the Chinese market.
BA (H) Decorative Arts