Beth Benton
Beth Benton paints and draws whimsical human/cattle-skull hybrid characters. These figures are transferred onto sumptuous silks as prints and patterns, encompassing the presence and movement of life drawing alongside the stillness and calm of mortality from taxidermy studies. This project, entitled ‘Life and Death’ is a personal response to the unsettling events of Covid 19. ‘Life and Death’ incorporates a dense botanical wallpaper and silk upholstered chaise lounge backdrop, alongside three large unique paintings and contemporary cushions that compliment the tropical feel with flashes of hot pink, designed for high-end commercial interiors such as bars and restaurants. Beth passionately works with manual processes: drawing, painting and photography, and uses these designs to transform a range of surfaces such as wallpapers, upholstery textiles and soft furnishings.
BA (H) Decorative Arts