Bartlomiej Bartusiak
My name is Bartlomiej Bartusiak and I am an editorial and commercial fashion photographer with a particular interest in social and cultural anthropology, as well as visual activism (especially human rights). I have high experience in a photographic studio environment as well as a location setting. I am an innovative and initiative thinker with personal experience of managing both independent university project and extracurricular opportunities in my photographic practice, participating in collaborative projects with students across the NTU fashion Department and attending London Fashion Week. During my time at NTU, I was able to participate in the SpinExpo Casa Z collaboration, as well as the Digital Marketing Academy. These have allowed me to gain experience in both professional studio production as well as marketing team workflow. Following my graduation at NTU, I am in pursuit of a fashion photography career path with the goal of relocating to Manchester.
BA (H) Photography