Ashne Vadhir
'2170 Vision’ is a conceptual exploration into two possible futures, the dystopian future and the utopian future. Set in a futuristic eco city, the utopian future is a vision of hope and transparency, where artificial intelligence lives alongside humanity and all climate problems are a distant memory. However, the dystopian future is a utopia that has gone wrong. The world has been devastated by the extreme consequences of climate change and humanity is trying to fend for themselves in harsh climates. Designing for two male characters living in contrasting futures, 2170 Vision investigates their fashion textile performance needs. Inspiration for this project is informed by a love of the ideas and visuals presented in science fiction films and tv. Specialising in woven textiles, this project has given me a passion for smart/ e textiles and silicone casting. My aspirations are to work in fashion, technical textiles or costume design.
BA (H) Textile Design