Alex Plant
Over my time at university, I’ve developed an interest and enjoyment in the subject areas of Illustration, Branding/rebranding, and Packaging. These are the areas I feel I create my strongest and best pieces of work through. Using my interests in music, football, and video games as inspiration I create pieces of work inspired by these. I have created re designs of the band As It Is’ three albums, done a rebrand of Notts County football club as well as a rebrand of local record store called BPM Records. I have also completed live projects for local musicians through doing illustration work for the band All Over Again and a logo for singer/songwriter Grace Lee. I have also created illustrated emotes for twitch streamers as well as completing week-long work experiences at several graphic design and web design studios. I’m now looking to complete my master’s degree as well as further improving my skills in illustration and I hope to build up clientele through doing more live projects.
BA (H) Graphic Design