Abigael Martyn
I am Abby, a graphic designer and illustrator with experience in illustration, branding, editorial, poster, and campaign design briefs. My work is informed by interests outside of graphic design, and stems from values in being able to keep an open mind. These interests range from character design to crafts, fashion photography and of course coffee. As illustration is my strong suit, post research I often carry and engage with my design process with a very visual mindset. Through my time at university, I have improved my approach and have began to think about typography in more detail. ‘Culture and Identity’ is an editorial project that demonstrates this, where I had the opportunity to improve skills in Adobe InDesign, explore experimental use of type in body text, layouts, as well as a variation of approaches to illustration that ranged from clay to ink, to convey the nuances to the personal narrative expressed. To find out more, I strongly encourage you to visit my online portfolio.
BA (H) Graphic Design